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Men Growing in Christ through Education and Fellowship

Established in 1997, Catholic Men for Jesus Christ recognizes that true happiness can only be found in Jesus. It further recognizes that we are not meant his call to "follow me" alone. CMJC strives to bring men together to build each other up, support one another, and challenge one another on our spiritual journeys to become the men that we are created and called to be. 

Living your daily life as a Catholic man is increasingly countercultural. Ever greater demands are competing for our time, our talents, and our treasures. We are offered models of living by contemporary society which glorify the individual's desires for things and encourage us to as "What's in it for me?"and "If it feels good, do it". Ignored are the costs that embracing such tenets of living have on our relationships with our family, our friends, our community and - most importantly - with our God. 

We work to support men in their efforts to live full Christian lives and spread the gospel by promoting events and ministries that educate and provide opportunities for fellowship.

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Catholic Men for Jesus: Service


Holy Cross men getting to know and worship Jesus Christ more through Spiritual interaction with other men.

We invite you to join us in our regular weekly meetings are held every Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. in the Parish Hall. This hour-long gathering is open to all men interested in participating in discussion of subjects relating to our Catholic faith and building relationships with other Catholic men in the parish.

Catholic Men for Jesus: Service
Holy Cross Men's Group

Matthew 18:20

"Whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you"

Catholic Men for Jesus: Quote
Catholic Men for Jesus: Welcome



"Be a Sheep"

Talk by John Moore given at an Evening of Reflection held by Catholic Men for Jesus Christ at Holy Family Parish, Port St. Lucie, Florida on May 9, 2016

Master of Ceremonies

Working with Catholic groups

to design, promote and execute and

promote spiritually enriching events.


Holy Cross Community Service Ministry Talk


Holy Cross Community Service Ministry Speech

(March 2009)

Fellsmere Speech

(Holy Cross 2006)

Lay Down Your Nets

(January 2010)

Finding the Poor


Your Gift to God

(HCCSM 2011)

Light of the World (2007)

Your Link in the Chain

(February 2011)

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