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United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

The best trained, and most valued, maritime

volunteer organization in the world.

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is a uniformed, volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard.  Its more than 30,000 members provide more than 2 million hours of volunteer service each year, utilizing 2,200 vessels, 180 aircraft and 1,700 radio stations.  Learn more that the Coast Guard Auxiliary here.

Local activities in the Vero Beach, Florida area are conducted through District 7, Flotilla 56.  Members of Flotilla 56 participate in many aspects of the Auxiliary mission including vessel examinations, boating safety classes and support of Coast Guard Boat Station Ft. Pierce and Coast Guard operations there including its two cutters and Aids to Navigation Team.  Learn more about Flotilla 56 here.

Auxiliary Aviation provides general support to the aviation activities of the Coast Guard with a particular emphasis on its Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement Support and Living and Marine Resources missions. Auxiliary aviators are trained in the aviation methodologies of the Coast Guard and fly missions in their aircraft under orders issued by a local air station.  In the Vero Beach, Florida area, Auxiliary aviators provide operational support to Coast Guard Air Stations Miami, Savannah and Clearwater.

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Coast Guard Auxiliary

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